About me

After a successful corporate career, I had to reinvent myself professionally when we moved to various countries for my husband’s career.
When we moved to the USA in 2004, I first launched a traditional business in the field of relocation; a couple of years later, as we were about to move to London, I came across a company expanding very innovative platforms globally, in the field of wellness and anti-ageing.

This company was clearly different in its approach, offering innovative technologies and beauty devices – that I tested myself of course – and with a very clever business model of collaborative entrepreneurship.
Everything about it excited me, so I decided to partner with them in 2007, to build a recession-proof business. I haven’t looked back.

What I Love

Today I love educating and training women – individuals and professionals – about this different approach to look and feel better. So we can preserve our youth inside and out to live younger for longer, gain confidence and age gracefully, with a smile.


Another part of my work is mentoring open-minded, ambitious women – who also love to help others look and feel good – set up a portable online business and develop a new source of income, alongside their other occupation.

Life Changing

This journey of collaborative entrepreneurship has truly changed the quality of our family life, as I developed it while being a full-time mum and running my other business too  to begin with.

It has now also helped my husband take early retirement from his high flying corporate career 10 years earlier than planned and we live between London and the South of France as we both run remote businesses, that we grow alongside our family, from the comfort of our home.

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